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Parata Max Automated Dispensing Machine

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Why did Almand’s decide to install the Automated Dispensing Machine?

With the needs of our customers always being most important, use of this machine has increased the speed at which prescriptions are filled, and has provided more time for our pharmacists to assist customers one-on-one, to better meet their needs.


What exactly does the machine do?

This machine is preloaded with prescription bottles, labels, and various types of medication under a very safe & secure process.  As each prescription request is received, that information is sent to the machine where the selected medication tablets are counted, bottled, capped and labeled.


How can I be confident that my prescription will be filled correctly when this machine is used?

The process of loading the medications into the machine is completed and approved by the pharmacists.  Also, as each prescription is processed by the machine, each one is still inspected and approved by the pharmacist to insure accuracy.


Will the price of my prescriptions increase due to the use of this new technology?

No.  In fact, use of this new technology will help us keep the overall cost of filling your prescriptions at a reasonable level.


Have other questions?  Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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